Welcome to BMAI, The Bronx Mamaroneck ACA Intergroup.

  BMAI is comprised of representatives of the individual, autonomous Adult Children of

  Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (ACA) groups in The Bronx and Mamaroneck, New York.  

  A trifold describing what "ACA is ..." is here.

  BMAI's sole function is to serve our groups' primary purpose of carrying the ACA message of recovery 

  from the effects of being raised in an alcoholic/drug addicted or dysfunctional family to adult children

  who still suffer.  


  The trifold, "25 Questions: Am I an Adult Child?", may help you decide if you could possibly

  benefit from joining an ACA group.

  BMAI facilitates communication among the member groups and between our groups and ACA's

  World Service Organization, Inc. (ACA WSO), along with other service functions and activities.

  BMAI is fully self supported by voluntary contributions from member groups, from ACA members,

  through hosting fund raising events, and through ACA Literature sales to member groups 

  (not individual sales) at the usual delivered price.

  BMAI meets quarterly via teleconference calls.  To join BMAI, learn how BMAI functions and

  its activities or to purchase ACA Literature, contact Lisa B. (917) 449-1035 or email her at

  Groups thinking of joining BMAI may want to consider reading Trusted Servant’s Self Guide to Service

  - The abc’s of service (attitudes, behaviors and conduct).  Please note this is not ACA WSO Conference

  Approved Literature.


BMAI Member Groups as of April 2020

M a m a r o n e c k   M e e t i n g

ACA True Self


6:30 - 7:30 pm

T h e   B r o n x   M e e t i n g s 

Speaking Our Truth


7 - 8 pm

The Bronx (aka 4x4)


   7 - 8 pm


About Our Member ACA Groups


Join Us


The Bronx ACA Intergroup

Lisa B. (917) 449-1035 or

email her at

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